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Montclair State University Alumni Spotlight

Montclair State University Alumni Spotlight



If you’ve already read my bio page, you know a little bit about my time at Montclair State University (and my triumphant The Price Is Right win). Yes, I attended the occasional gameshow organized by the students for the students. But when I wasn’t spinning wheels and buzzing in to phrase my answer in the form of a question… I attended class.

I majored in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. As you could imagine, most of us Communications majors were very outgoing. A classroom full of entertainers, clever when it came to longwinded novels and snarky one-liners. It was a fun group to be a part of.

Our professors curated our snarky, bubbly, outgoing and sometimes verbose personalities into who we are and what we’re doing today. So naturally, it was truly an honor to get an email from one of my favorites, Professor Larry Weiner, asking to highlight me in the Alumni Spotlight. It’s kind of cool how everything comes full circle.

Check the article out here.