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SKI Magazine Presents The Snow Report Show

SKI Magazine Presents The Snow Report Show

Winter is fun. And the way we talk about winter should be fun, too.

There are a lot of snow reports out there. They touch upon surface conditions and base depths. Trail counts and open acreage. Powder forecasts and of course, the token ruler-in-freshies photo measuring that latest snowfall.

All of that information can be interesting to the core skier and rider, but to the casual winter enthusiast or enthusiastic beachgoer, it doesn’t resonate. Despite all of this frozen precipitation, the way we talk about winter can be rather… dry.

So, I’ve got exciting news. I’ve partnered with SKI Magazine to bring you The Snow Report, a brand new 12-episode show that gives you a funny, informative view of resorts, events, and happenings in the ski industry.

Here’s the first episode of The Snow Report. Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and send us your best photos and videos all season long. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #thesnowreport.