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BolderBOULDER 2015

BolderBOULDER 2015

I’ve lived in Boulder for a few years, but this past spring was my first time running the BolderBOULDER 10k. (To be honest, it was my first 10k, ever.)

I’ll come right out and say it. The BolderBOUDLER was one of the most exciting, fun and feel-good experiences I’ve ever had. Over 50,000 people participate – from world class olympians, competitive runners, moderate joggers, and casual walkers. There is so much happening throughout the course, it kind of feels like you’re running through a 6-mile long tailgate party.

The whole event culminates in Folsom Field, where all of your fellow runners fill in the seats and cheer you on as you finish your final lap. There’s no feeling quite like running through the gate, greeted by the roar of cheers. It’s a feeling of accomplishment at the highest degree – typically one only professional athletes experience. It is America’s Best 10k for a lot of good reasons.

I hope you enjoy the video, and I hope to see you at the start line next year.