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GoPro HERO4 Session Slow Motion Test

GoPro HERO4 Session Slow Motion Test

Slow motion. We all love it. Slowing down a clip can make a special moment more beautiful, high energy action more comprehendible, and the mundane appear interesting. It’s just really fun to do.

As you know, the higher the frame rate, the slower and smoother the slow-mo. The highest frame rate available on the GoPro HERO4 Session is 100fps at 720p. I wanted to test out the slow motion with a series of in-the-field and staged tests.

Overall, I think the camera performed well. The slow motion is smooth and clear – the wine proved to by my favorite example. With better lighting (we shot on gray rainy days) and more compelling content, I think the slow-mo will look even better. Also, if you want to keep your HERO4 Session at 1080p, you can still get smooth slow motion at 60fps.

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