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PSIA-AASI & SNOW Operating Launch Beginner Ski & Snowboard YouTube Series

PSIA-AASI & SNOW Operating Launch Beginner Ski & Snowboard YouTube Series

The ski industry wants to grow the sport, and its focus on first-timer conversion rates has been a unifying initiative from coast to coast throughout North America.

That’s why PSIA-AASI, SNOW Operating and Halley O’Brien Productions are partnering up to produce a free and informative YouTube series designed for the total beginner called The Beginners Guide to Skiing & Snowboarding.

Lessons on YouTube? Really?

Chances are, you’ve taught yourself how to change your car’s oil, cook the perfect grilled cheese, or successfully build a piece of IKEA furniture using YouTube tutorials. Why not throw the basics of skiing and snowboarding in the mix?

Some people love to research everything about a specific place or experience prior to going. We want to be that trusted resource, providing high-quality content that is true to the craft, but never too technical.

“The Beginner’s Guide series is not meant to replace on-snow lessons with snow school professionals, but rather provide one additional touchpoint and resource that people are using every day,” says Nick Herrin, CEO of PSIA-AASI.

Unboxing the Sport

“We’re always looking for creative and unique ways to help first-time skier/snowboarder conversion, and these different videos will provide potential skiers and snowboarders super basic tips and tricks to get started from the comfort of their computer or smart phone. We’re unboxing the sport,” says Halley O’Brien, Executive Producer and Host of the series.

The alpine ski videos feature Eric Lipton, PSIA National Team Member and COO of SNOW Operating, while the snowboard series is covered by AASI National Team Member and SNOW Operating Trainer, Chris Rogers. Both Chris and Eric bring a wealth of knowledge and authenticity for the never-ever audience in mind.

Round one of the series includes 3 ski and 3 snowboard specific videos, each of which touch on topics like how to fit and put on your boots, how to carry your equipment, and basic movements on snow.

Halley continues, “This is the first lot of videos in a series that really has no end in sight. There is so much information out there that we, as experienced skiers and riders, take for granted. We intend to go far down the rabbit hole of information, building out videos to suit people’s searches and needs to help build familiarity and break down barriers before they arrive at the mountain.”

Beginners Guide to Skiing

Beginners Guide to Snowboarding