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Unlocking Beme

Unlocking Beme

I’ve been watching Casey Neistat’s vlogs and his one-off productions for years. It’s no secret – I’m a big fan. Casey has an amazing style. His irreverent storytelling, beautiful imagery and awesome music beds make his life enjoyable to watch every single day. Plus, his daughter Francine is too cute for words, so I’m sure that helps viewership.

Over the course of the last 120 vlogs, Casey has been dropping hints about his “new company.” Well, the day finally came where the new company was no longer referred to as the new company.

Introducing Beme. 

Beme is a “real-life” sharing video app. It captures video 4 seconds at a time without showing a preview or letting the user review it. Its goal is to allow sharing without interrupting your daily life. It records by using the proximity sensor on your phone. Press it to your chest, a wall, the floor, or in my case, an iPhone case. It will record 4 seconds of your life and upload it for your followers to see. There’s no critiquing yourself. There’s no second guessing that clip. It just… posts. (Kinda scary, right?)

After a few duds, I finally got lucky with an unlock code that opened up the world of Beme-ing. I’m going to mess around with the app and check back in with a likes and dislikes video soon.

Add me on Beme if you feel so inclined [ halleyobrien ]